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Manuel Abrunhosa

Vice President - Europe (West and Central)

Following Marco Petitta’s election as Vice President for Science and Programme, we began the process to fill his former role of Vice President – Europe (West and Central). The Regional Vice President provides stewardship of IAH interests and coordination of national chapters in the Region and also has wider responsibilities as part of IAH Council for overseeing the work of the Association.

At the close of the nomination period one candidate had been confirmed – in fact he was nominated by several members from across Europe, so much so, that it was almost appointment by acclamation! We are pleased to announce that Manuel Abrunhosa of Portugal will take up his role as a member of IAH Council. We would also like to thank Patrick Lachassagne who stepped in as Acting Vice President when Marco took up his new role.

Manuel AbrunhosaManuel has wide-ranging scientific and technological expertise from his many years as a Hydrogeologist. Following many years as a Lecturer at the University of Porto, he is now an Independent Senior Consultant Hydrogeologist and Geoarchaeologist. He has worked in forensic Hydrogeology since 1980, frequently as an expert witness, and often working on a pro bono basis for environmental and heritage associations. He has also become well known recently for his promotion of hydrogeoethics. Until 2022 he remains in post as President of the Portuguese Chapter of the International Association of Hydrogeologists (AIH-GP).