IAH has a challenge, but it is one we aim to tackle

IAH’s mission, as a professional association, is to further the understanding, wise use and protection of groundwater resources throughout the world. However, this is not that straightforward for us to achieve because our audience is globally spread and contains individuals from many different backgrounds in society. IAH wants to reach out to scientists, engineers and policy makers; also to the general public and to young, enquiring minds in schools, colleges and universities. IAH has a challenge, but it is one we aim to tackle.

IAH’s knowledge is the sum of all its parts

The day-to-day efforts of our Association and members range from dealing with the basic and relatively unchanging principles of hydrogeology – the way that groundwater occurs and moves beneath our feet – through to highly-specialist scientific investigations of topical and complex subjects. How to harness this knowledge and stimulate further research and understanding is the matter of much debate in IAH; some obvious methods we have now are the Hydrogeology Journal and books series, we also have the efforts of IAH’s commissions and networks and our National Chapters, our annual congress and national/regional conferences and events. We have recently introduced a mentoring scheme for our members.

Our goal

We have tasked ourselves to gradually build up the information and resources on this website, passing on what IAH addresses in its meetings, events, discussions, projects and more.

We hope to encourage you and others to find out more about groundwater as an important natural resource, encourage some to take up hydrogeology as a career, and for those already within the profession to improve their understanding and skills. Of course, we also hope it will encourage you to join IAH and participate in its activities.

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