45th IAH Congress: Registration

Registration and sponsorship enquiries for the 45th IAH Congress to be held in Daejeon, Korea in September 2018 is open!

Hosted by the IAH Korean National Chapter, Korea Institute of Geoscience and Mineral Resources (KIGAM) and Korean Society of Soil and Groundwater Environment (KoSSGE), the congress will focus on how groundwater science, technology and policy can help ensure all have equal rights for sufficient, safe and affordable water regardless of where they are born and live, or who they are.

With the overall theme “GROUNDWATER AND LIFE : Science and Technology into Action”, nine main topics have been defined:

  • T1. Groundwater and Life: Progress towards the Solution of Critical Problems
  • T2. Spotlight on Modeling, Emerging Technologies and Their Applications
  • T3. Global/Regional Environmental Change and Groundwater Impacts
  • T4. Strategies to Assure the Sustainability of Groundwater Resources
  • T5. Groundwater Quality and Contamination
  • T6. Groundwater and Surface Water: an Integrated View
  • T7. Advances in the Study of Karst and Fractured-rock Aquifers
  • T8. Coastal Zone Management and Water Resources
  • T9. Groundwater and Energy

Mid-congress excursions are proposed to limestone caves, a national geopark, curative springs, a wetland conservation area and the national groundwater information centre. Pre- and post-congress training courses and excursions are being planned.

Daejeon is a modern administrative centre and science and technology hub, surrounded by mountains in the centre of Korea, with roots that go back to ancient times. It is a cultural centre, with its own orchestra and world-class sporting facilities.

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