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Albino Medeiros, 1959-2022

It is with deep regret that we announce the passing away of the distinguished hydrogeologist, respected colleague and esteemed friend Albino Luiz de Carvalho Medeiros (1959-2022) on the 4th of December.

Albino Medeiros began his career in 1972 as an office helper in a prestigious well drilling company in Lisbon where he became acquainted with many aspects of practical hydrogeology and the importance of keeping and exploring documentation.

He followed studies with the support of the company where he was highly esteemed to become a highly respected field and office geologist and hydrogeologist for the company. Later he obtained a Master’s degree with a brilliant thesis.

When the company closed he founded his own consulting company in applied hydrogeology and engineering geology. In parallel, for more than one decade was an invited lecturer at the Nova University of Lisbon, being acclaimed by students and colleagues for his personal, pedagogic and scientific qualities.

Some years ago was diagnosed with ELA, that he fought for years with great courage until the sad end. Albino, until  his last forces, kept working mentally, having all the time by his side his wife, also a geologist, her young daughter, the loving family, and the affection of colleagues and friends.

His full life is an inspiration for strong will, courage and caring for others’ needs and, as a hydrogeologist. The pursuit for excellence and ethics in the science and profession of Hydrogeology, was an aim he decidedly reached early in his career but, unfortunately for all, cut short by illness.

In commemoration of the 50th anniversary of IAH in 2016, the Portuguese Chapter of AIH joined with the Faculty of Science and Technology of the Nova University of Lisbon to pay tribute to our colleague, which Albino attended despite his difficulties. The AIH-GP contributed to his keeping the pace in Hydrogeology by promoting his membership and the associated online resources he enjoyed when he was able to communicate with the eyes.

The AIH-GP was present for the last funerary rites, and in representation presented to his family the deeply felt condolences of all colleagues not present .

RIP Albino.


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