Italy Drought: 11 regions poised for state of emergency

Rome’s public water fountains are a symbol of the city, and are a welcome source of refreshment for tourists and locals. But many of the capital’s drinking fountains were under threat of being turned off, as severe drought takes hold in Italy.

To date 11 of Italy’s 20 regions are set to ask for a state of emergency to be declared in order to help tackle the ongoing drought. In this national water emergency period, it is fundamental to point out that the largest water resource in the Italian territory consists of groundwater that guarantees 85% of the water demand (48% by wells and 37% by springs), which also significantly covers both the agricultural and industrial needs of the country.

In response the IAH Italian Chapter has published a press release, which has been printed in several Italian papers, highlighting the important role that groundwater plays in supporting rivers and lakes, and in maintaining abstractions for agriculture and industry. Below is a selection of news articles as well as a copy of our Italian chapter’s response.

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Press release: Italian National Chapter

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