Congress time again

We’re busy making last minute plans ahead of IAH’s congress, fully aware that the organising committee in Korea is working hard to make this year’s event a success.

IAH congress deskDuring congress, as well as strong representation from IAH Council, Commissions and Networks and Chapters, Ian Davey, Executive Manager will be attending from the Secretariat. Do come and introduce yourselves to the various volunteers at the IAH desk, especially if this is a first congress you are attending – we love to meet people from the “IAH family” in person. Also, feel free to drop by the various group meetings being held throughout the week.

Even if you are not able to attend, we hope to share as much as possible with you in the forthcoming weeks, particularly outcomes and resources related to the congress. Follow us using social media, particularly Twitter and Facebook.

And if you are attending – please share your photos and stories! #IAH2018 😉


Twitter: @iahgroundwater


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