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Receive 100€* with our feature writing competition

If you were an IAH Council Member, what groundwater/hydrogeology related issues would you most like to raise with colleagues, either within IAH or beyond? We really want to know!

We are inviting IAH members around the world to send an article of up to 500 words, the best of which will be featured in IAH’s newsletter, website and beyond.

To help inspire, you might want to take a look at the profiles and personal statements of each of our current Council members, which can be found here: As you will read, each has groundwater issues and professional interests that are important to them as individuals. What is important to you? This might be concerning your region of work, your profession (or studies), matters overlooked, challenges or positive outcomes.

If there are challenges, we especially would like to know if you have ideas for possible solutions. We would be also interested to know individuals’ thoughts on how to improve aspects of groundwater awareness in their region and, perhaps, what might encourage more local students and professions to join IAH and participate in its activities.

What is important is that you write succinctly and in a way that can reach out to others, as IAH’s Council members are expected to do as part of their role for our organisation. You may find it helpful to include one or two images.

Entries will be judged by a panel of IAH representatives. They will also be checked for originality and clarity.
Neither a fine writing style nor perfect English is needed. What is important is your message.

Entry information
This competition is open to all IAH subscribed members (2019 dues paid), with the exception of the current IAH Council and the IAH Secretariat. Entrants may submit an article of no more than 500 words plus up to 2 images.
Entries should be in PDF or MSWord format and emailed to Please give your full contact details and membership number and provide a brief explanation about your photo(s) if submitted alongside your article.
The winning articles will be featured in IAH’s News and Information magazine and its website – and of course, they will help inform IAH and beyond. IAH will therefore take it in good faith that entrants have considered copyright and privacy issues prior to submitting articles and photographs.
The competition will close on  Friday 25 October, 2019, 12.00 noon GMT. Winners will be contacted by email in November 2019 and will be announced on the Members’ Only area of the IAH website thereafter.
* Winners will receive 100€ (or sterling/dollar equivalent).

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