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We are delighted to annnounce that a Hydrogeology Journal special issue will be published later this year focusing on ‘Groundwater sustainability in fast-developing China’. In addition, there will also be a special session on Chinese hydrogeology at the IAH Congress in Daejeon in September, with currently 15 of the special issue’s authors proposing to participate in this.

There continues to be strong representation of Chinese IAH members in editorial roles for Hydrogeology Journal. Journal article abstracts are almost always translated into Chinese. Increasing numbers of authors are from China, with articles often concerning groundwater issues in China as well as high-level research generally. Not all authors are members of the IAH and we would like to encourage more to join. If authors need or want to publish their articles as open access in this prestigious journal, membership can save around 50% of the publisher’s fee for this.

IAH 通过会议、特殊兴趣分会和国家分会提供各种网络和知识分享机会。欢迎您参加。

We are certainly looking forward to welcoming more Chinese hydrogeologists to IAH, reflecting the size of the professional community, the importance of groundwater in China, and the desire of hydrogeologists from other parts of the world to collaborate with Chinese colleagues. There are more than 10 thousand groundwater sciences technical staff in China, particularly early career hydrogeologists. We are keen to know what current Chinese members would like most from membership of the IAH – and also receive feedback from non-members, so that we know how we can encourage more in the region to join our global family, networking and sharing knowledge.

Clearly our China National Chapter, under President Shi Jiansheng and Secretary Han Zaisheng, has an important contribution to make on groundwater matters in China and has a big role to play in supporting the groundwater community. No doubt all current National Chapter members will be looking to encourage colleagues to join and to participate in the various IAH Commissions and Networks active in China. Hopefully this will include members of the Early Careers Hydrogeologists’ Network, who represent the future of IAH worldwide.  The conferences the chapter organises, often in collaboration with other organisations, are likely to be of great interest to the groundwater community in China. Conferences are organised most years and there have been two IAH congresses in China in 1988 and 2006. Two international symposia have been held – ISMAR (International Symposium on Management of Aquifer Recharge), supported by the IAH Commission on Managed Aquifer Recharge, and one with the IAH Regional Groundwater Flow Commission, each with contributions from leading international members of these groups. For all such events IAH members are entitled to a significant discount on registration fees, often more than the IAH membership fee itself.

With all this in mind, we would welcome ideas from groundwater professionals in China on how the IAH family can support future growth. We would also like to hear from universities about their graduate and post-graduate courses in hydrogeology – we can add this information to our developing list, ready for inclusion on a new page on the IAH website in the near future. Are you planning to hold a groundwater-related event? If so, do let us know. Email with your comments, suggestions, events and courses.

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