Free from Hydrogeology Journal Special Issue: Groundwater sustainability in fast-developing China

Hydrogeology Journal 26:05 (August 2018) deals with the groundwater sustainability challenge in China, under pressure of population growth, fast economic development and climate change. The guest editors (Yanxin Wang, Rui Ma, Wenke Wang, Xiaosi Su) collected 31 papers to provide an update on recent advances in hydrogeological studies in China, including groundwater quality, groundwater and surface-water interaction, and geo- and eco-environmental problems related to groundwater exploitation. The special issue also intends to provide insight for hydrogeologists in other countries that have been experiencing (or will experience) similar situations, and to increase awareness on reasonable management of precious groundwater resources for our common future within a global perspective.

All the special issue articles will be freely accessible until early October 2018; thanks to our publisher Springer Nature for supporting this initiative.

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