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Free from our Hydrogeology Journal

Hydrogeology Journal coversFree, from our Hydrogeology Journal – 6 articles on Fractured-rock Hydrogeology. Thanks to Springer for the continuing support – and thanks also to some well known names from our global groundwater family!

Fractured-rock aquifers occur on all continents and are becoming increasingly important for drinking-water supplies, as they have higher retention than karst or porous aquifers. However, groundwater extraction from these rocks is more complex and a very good geologic structural model is required for numerical modeling. Six articles address a sample of the major problems related to hydrogeology: water extraction from deeply weathered fractures, the impact of fractures and faults on flow behavior, multidisciplinary exploration of a fractured aquifer, inverse modeling of tracer tests, and groundwater management in granite. The articles have free access until 24 January 2022.

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