Groundwater Response to Changing Climate

Groundwater Response to Changing Climate

edited by Makoto Taniguchi, Ian P. Holman

Groundwater systems are vital to both society and the environment, supporting food production and many other ecosystem services. Sustainable management of this vital resource for future generations requires a sound understanding of how groundwater might respond to the inevitable changes in future climate. In this volume, recent developments within the interlinked areas of the response of groundwater systems to climate variability and climate change are highlighted, using contemporary field investigations and monitoring of aquifers, numerical simulations of aquifer response to climate change predictions and paleohydrogeological studies of ancient groundwater systems. The book provides an up-to-date description of the relationship between groundwater behaviour and ancient, historical, current and future climates for a range of diverse aquifer systems around the world.

ISBN 9781138112599 CAT# K35189

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