Hydrogeology and Human Health – Hydrogeology Journal Special Issue

Hydrogeology Journal’s special issue ‘Hydrogeology and Human Health’ (June 2017) has been borne of the pressures pertaining to global groundwater resources, some longstanding, others more recently acknowledged. Among them, climate change, exponential population growth and associated rates of urbanisation, increasing food production and waste management requirements, and inconsistent regulation perhaps stand the tallest. Accordingly, the guest editors (Paul Hynds, Mark Borchardt and Motomu Ibaraki) have assembled a collection of 23 peer-reviewed articles that provide a new perspective on the topic of “geomedical engineering”, while also solidifying the role of hydrogeologists in global public health.

The special issue is aimed at anyone with an interest in water as a cause of illness, groundwater contamination (e.g. arsenic, pathogens) or hydro-epidemiology, from myriad nations, climatic regions and hydrogeological settings.

Springer Nature has granted the entire issue free access until 31 July 2017. Follow the link http://bit.ly/2qvTeqB

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