IAH Awards announced in Korea

The 2018 IAH awards were announced at the General Assembly (Annual General Meeting) of the Association, held on Tuesday 11 September during the Korea congress, and presented by Antonio Chambel, IAH President.

Peter Ravenscroft appearing in UNICEF video, “Capturing Water Fit for Drink in Bangladesh”

IAH’s Applied Hydrogeology Award is presented to “a groundwater professional who has made an outstanding contribution to the application of hydrogeology, preferably in developing countries or in support of international development”. Nominations are invited from IAH members in March of each year; in 2018 IAH received 6 outstanding nominations and we are grateful to the panel of Jane Dottridge, Callist Tindimugaya and Willi Struckmeier for their careful considerations. The Award for 2018 was presented to Peter Ravenscroft, for his substantial and practical efforts concerning the arsenic pollution of groundwater. He is pictured here, from a UNICEF video.

The Presidents’ Award is determined by the current and past presidents. In 2018 the award was given to Dr Bridget Scanlon, who has been an excellent ambassador for IAH and for groundwater overall, and a worthy recipient. Amidst her busy working life, Bridget is currently serving on IAH’s Commission for Groundwater and Energy.

The title of Honorary Member is from time to time given to those who have given exceptional services to IAH over a long period. Following a recommendation by Council, the General Assembly voted to Dr Peter Dillon, founding Chairman of the IAH Commission on Management of Aquifer Recharge and organiser of six triennial international symposia on managed aquifer recharge (ISMARs).

Finally, the IAH Distinguished Associate Award is presented to a person who is not a groundwater professional but has made an outstanding contribution to the understanding, development, management and protection of groundwater resources internationally. The Award is made by the IAH Executive Committee following consultation. In 2018 the Award was presented to Dr Tushaar Shah, economist and public policy specialist, Senior Fellow of the Colombo-based International Water Management Institute and a former director of the Institute of Rural Management at Anand in India.

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