KINDRA EIGR launched

On 24th April the EU funded KINDRA project officially launched the European Inventory for Groundwater Research (EIGR) to the public. Based on a unique classification system, the Inventory allows users to showcase their research to the community of professionals actively contributing to the European water sector. The EIGR is a tool which allows for the inclusion of a wide range of information sources, ranging from scientific papers, hydrogeological maps, technical reports and book chapters to position papers.

The current version of the Inventory contains more than 2000 metadata records referring to or providing links to groundwater research carried out in Europe since the year 2000. These records have been compiled by experts of the national member associations of the European Federation of Geologists (EFG) who have collated information from diverse sources, consulting at national level the relevant reports and databases from universities, research centres, government bodies, regional and local administrative offices and other parties involved in groundwater research.

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