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Mining Enterprises and Groundwater

In what ways do mining activities interact with groundwater systems ?

The eighth title in our series of Strategic Overview Papers (IAH-SOS) has been completed and is available to download. This covers “Mining Enterprises and Groundwater”. Once again, production of the papers has been led by Past President Stephen Foster and Gill Tyson. Contributors included Wendy Timms, Andrzej Witkowski, Stephen Foot, Peiyue Li and Andrew Johnstone.

IAH’s Strategic Overview series is designed both to inform professionals in other sectors of key interactions with groundwater resources and hydrogeological sciences and to guide IAH members in their efforts to promote improved understanding, wise use and protection of groundwater resources to related sectors. The papers are an authoritative summary for each topic drawing on the collective international experience of IAH.

Discussions during the work of this title have pointed towards ideas for a further paper in this field. Additional titles concerning other groundwater related topics are also under consideration. We would welcome your comments and donations. Links are below.

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Your help and support needed

IAH would like to provide additional educational materials and support; each IAH-SOS paper costs around £2000 to produce. Help us bring such thoughts to reality.




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