Professional Water Well Drilling

After months of work, and extensive consultation our colleagues at RWSN are delighted to announce the publication of Professional Water Well Drilling – A UNICEF Guidance Note.  Although primarily aimed at UNICEF Country Offices, the note provides practical guidance which will be of great value to all who are working in rural water supply. It builds on existing  material in the Toolkit to Professionalise Manual Drilling, the Code of Practice for Cost Effective Boreholes and associated guidelines, as well as other key publications and the experiences of numerous organisations and individuals who are trying to raise the professionalism of groundwater development in Africa and greatly improve drilling standards,

The guidance note is mainly concerned with rural and small town water supplies but is mindful of the huge challenges faced by supplies in many growing African cities dealing with problems of groundwater quantity and quality. The scope covers both mechanised and manual borehole drilling and rehabilitation but does not include community development, operation and maintenance or supply chains. The guidance note includes practical examples of what has been done already and links to relevant resource materials.

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