UAE: Groundwater research can help tackle country’s water scarcity

Like other Arabian Gulf states, the UAE has long faced water scarcity, and this problem intensifies as growth and development continue. World Water Day turned the global spotlight on the precious resource, and this is good news because the UAE has one of the highest per-capita water consumption figures in the world despite having limited water resources and modest rainfall. One study puts it at 550 litres per day, compared with the global average of about 200 litres.

 About 51 per cent of the UAE’s water supply comes from groundwater and demand is such that a UAE University report in 2015 warned that the country’s water supplies could be depleted within the next few decades. It is vital to ensure that as much as possible of the rain that falls replenishes water supplies, as there is a need to improve the natural renewal of groundwater resources. Dr Mohsen Sherif, director of the National Water Centre at UAE University in Al Ain, has dedicated the past 15 years to understanding this issue.

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