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Honorary Members, 2023

The International Association of Hydrogeologists accords the title of Honorary Member to those who have given exceptional services to the Association over a long period. Candidates are elected, following the recommendation of Council, by a vote of the General Assembly of the Association. This vote took place at the IAH Worldwide Groundwater Congress in Cape Town and via Zoom in September 2023.

We were delighted to announce three Honorary Members in 2023.

Prof António Chambel

António Chambel is a lecturer of hydrogeology at the University of Évora since 1985 and from 2003 to 2005 was Head of the Department. He has also been a lecturer at the University of, the Universities Charles of Prague, Huelva, Spain, and Sapienza, Rome, and at the Superior Institute of Transports and Communication in Maputo, Mozambique.

António has been President of the South Chapter of the Portuguese Water Resources Association, President of the IAH Portuguese Chapter, IAH Vice-President for Finance and Membership, IAH Vice-President for Programme and Science Coordination and from 2016-2020 IAH President. Antonio has also acted as Vice-President for Asia Region in 2021, and Vice-President of Latin America and the Caribbean in 2022. In 2007 he was chair of the 35th IAH Congress in Lisbon.

His extensive international experience, includes contributing to the work of UNESCO-IHP, the World Water Council, the International Network of Basin Organisations, and UN-Water. He has participated in many IAH congresses, regional and national meetings, and has represented IAH in many events around the world.

For his long-term contribution to the hydrogeology profession and the work of the Association, Prof António Chambel fully deserves the award of Honorary Membership.


Prof Viviana Re

Viviana Re is Associate Professor at the Earth Sciences Department of Pisa University (Italy). She is an Environmental Scientist and her research interests are hydrogeochemistry of (ground)water contamination, isotope techniques for monitoring groundwater salinisation and geochemical processes occurring in contaminated aquifers. She is actively involved in technical cooperation projects, focusing on development of quality monitoring programmes, and support to groundwater resource planning, management and protection. She has recently promoted socio-hydrogeology as a new approach aimed at incorporating the social dimension into hydrogeological investigations. She is author of the Bir al-Nas blog and co-founder of Responsible Water Scientists.

Viviana is co-director of the Burdon Groundwater Network for International Development of International Association of Hydrogeologists (IAH-BGID) and director of the IAH Socio-Hydrogeology Network (IAH-SHG). She is the former co-director of IAH’s Early Career Hydrogeologists’ Network. For her contribution to the hydrogeology profession, her engagement in hydrogeological matters and the work of the Association, Viviana Re fully deserves the award of Honorary Membership.


Prof Alan MacDonald

Alan MacDonald is the Head of Groundwater at the British Geological Survey, leading international groundwater research, with projects in 20 countries. He has spent time seconded to WaterAid, an international NGO, focused on water, sanitation and hygiene. In 2012 he was made Honorary Professor at the University of Dundee. His main area of research has been in water security, particularly in sub Saharan Africa and South Asia with a focus on poverty reduction.

Alan has published several books on groundwater, more than 100 papers and over 100 BGS technical reports. Much of his research has a development focus, working directly with NGOs, including WaterAid and UNICEF, and working directly with government ministries.

Alan has spent many years as director of IAH’s Burdon Groundwater Network for International Development. He has represented IAH in many fora and has contributed to publications/documents on behalf of IAH.

For his contribution to the hydrogeology profession, his work in developing countries and the work of the Association, Alan MacDonald fully deserves the award of Honorary Membership.

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