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Groundwater/hydrogeology links and videos

Below is a selection of links and videos relating to groundwater, water supply and hydrogeology – for general interest, some practical “how to/field guides” and some for use to teach others of different ages. We have sought to provide information and links to material of wide interest to our to the general public. However, the IAH does not accept any liability for the accuracy or completeness of the information, nor does the IAH provide any warranties in respect of how that information is applied.

We are happy to receive suggestions and would particularly welcome non-English language contributions.

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General links and videos about groundwater and the work of hydrogeologists

Groundwater – the hidden resource – UNESCO video

Why is our Groundwater Vulnerable? A message from us, IAH!

The Groundwater Project – providing free online groundwater educational materials, in a variety of languages, to all who want to learn about groundwater and understand how it relates to and sustains ecological systems and humanity

GroundwaterU, a catalogue of material including educational videos related to all things groundwater

Groundwater – Critical for Sustainable Development, infographic (GRIPP partners, including IAH)

British Geological Survey Groundwater Science
– information about groundwater and topics, sustainability of water, UK data, etc.

UK Groundwater Forum – raising awareness of groundwater, groundwater issues, educational material, hydrogeology as a career

The KINDRA Project – Making Groundwater Visible – good selection of resources and video of hydrogeologists describing their work

US Geological Survey Groundwater Information – information about groundwater and various topics, as well as USA groundwater statistics

US National Groundwater Association – information about groundwater, wells, etc. and educational material

Geological Survey of Ireland has lots of useful information about groundwater and various topics; this includes some WFD storyboards that help visualise groundwater-related issues such as saline intrusion, groundwater pollution and more…

The Water Channel – hosts many, many water-related videos

Case Study: The Hydrogeologist – New Scientist article about Helen Bonser, British Geological Survey – still a hydrogeologist, Helen’s now Chair of our Urban Groundwater Network

Rockhead Sciences Day in the GeoLife Series – series of interviews with hydrogeologists

Sources of Experience – IAH interviews experienced hydrogoelogists

Rural water supply, drilling and borehole construction

“Developing Groundwater – a guide for rural water supply” – is available free to download from Practical Action Publishing. Written by Alan MacDonald, hydrogeologist at British Geological Survey and Chair of IAH’s Burdon Groundwater Network for International Development

Professional Drilling animated series Rural Water Supply Network (RWSN) range of videos, available in English and French

Borehole Drilling – Planning, Contracting & Management: A UNICEF Toolkit by Cost Effective Boreholes Partnership of the Rural Water Supply Network (RWSN) by UNICEF and Skat Foundation

The potential for tubewells in flood plains – promotional video about the “flood wells” project implemented in Ethiopia, Ghana, Zambia and Mozambique – an option for accessing groundwater in the flood plains

Practical guide to measuring the water level in your borehole – from WWF South Africa

Classroom/student material, videos and experiments

“The Worldwide Adventures of Droppy” – cartoon video for children, explaining the water cycle and water supply (Spanish, German, French and English versions) by BGR

Why is our groundwater vulnerable? Animation from IAH colleagues, explaining

Groundwater Animation (fun song and cartoon)

Wally and Deanna’s Groundwater Adventure.. (PDF book, download from the Groundwater Project)

Geological Society/BBC factsheet for kids – Groundwater (age 9-11 years)

Geological Society/BBC factsheet for teachers, general public and older children

About Groundwater – video tutorial by the Abu Dhabi Environment Agency

“Clean Water – A long journey from the source to our tap” – video by Green Treks Network

Groundwater, replenishment and supply – animation by Australian water corporation

Has Africa run out of water? – video by Alan MacDonald of British Geological Survey and Chair of IAH’s Burdon Groundwater Network for International Development, clearly and positively explains situation and groundwater processes/hydrogeology, and describes various projects and surveys on the continent

“A story of the invisible water” – examines the problem of water pollution and drought in the northeastern Chinese province of Hebei

“Amazing Underwater Caves of Yucatán cenotes/ecoystems, from Wonders of Life with Professor Brian Cox, BBC

“Dancing Mud” – the Rotorua region of New Zealand, famous for its geysers, hot springs and geothermal features

“The Drop Introduction” –  featuring Bangalore, India, the video explains the impacts resulting from rapidly growing population and over-exploitation of water supply

“California Sinking” – California’s severe drought and as the result of increased groundwater pumping, land areas in the San Joaquin Valley have been sinking rapidly

Clear Water, Clean Water? – Exploring the Floridan Aquifer – from Schoolyard films, enjoy a dive to explore the massive hidden underground rivers, caverns, and waterways of the Floridan Aquifer

Resolution Copper Mining – video explaining how groundwater is removed and treated from the historic Magma Mine in USA, for use by farmers in the Arizona desert for crop irrigation

Why tiger conservationists are studying groundwater – from Valuing Water

Groundwater Depletion and Water Conflict with Jay Famiglietti – The Water Values podcast, which includes identification of the water conflict issues that water scarcity brings about

Movement and Storage of Water in Soils – interactive model from The Science of Agriculture

New Zealand Science Learning hub has a wealth of information about groundwater, water and environmental topics – we encourage you to explore this site

Make an incredible edible aquifer – worksheet

Video – make an aquifer in a cup

Make a well

Build paper aquifer models, from the Foldable Aquifer Project, developed in the Department of Geology at the University at Buffalo

Let’s draw groundwater and aquifers! – YouTube art video by Patty Fernandez

Groundwater resources – interaction and impact with other sectors and fields

IAH’s Strategic Overview Series (IAH-SOS), informative papers summarising key topics relating to groundwater resources and hydrogeological science, including ecosystems, energy, food security, global change, human health, resilient cities and the UN-SDGs

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