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IAH’s Hydrogeology Journal is a premier journal for groundwater professionals, with eight issues (about 200 articles) per year. Since its inception in 1992 it has acquired a large readership worldwide.

Hydrogeology Journal is published by Springer Nature. Authors are able to choose whether to publish open access, or publish the article by the no-fee route by which only journal subscribers and IAH members will have full access.

Libraries can subscribe directly with our publisher. Non-members can view each article’s summary content page and the abstract in several languages. In addition, each year several articles are designated as “Editors’ Choice” and are made freely available for a limited period.


Hydrogeology Journal’s purpose is to:

  • Foster understanding of hydrogeology, a practical discipline aimed at bettering the human situation on earth.
  • Describe worldwide progress in hydrogeology.
  • Provide an inexpensive and widely accessible forum for scientists, researchers, engineers, and practitioners in developing and industrialised countries alike.

Mainstream articles

A mainstream article in Hydrogeology Journal integrates subsurface hydrology and geology with the other supporting disciplines (such as geochemistry, geophysics, geomorphology, geobiology, surface-water hydrology, tectonics, mathematics, numerical modeling, economics, and sociology) to explain phenomena observed in the field.

Peer reviewed articles

Hydrogeology Journal publishes peer-reviewed articles in both theoretical and applied aspects of hydrogeologic science, including:

  • Theoretical and field studies ranging in scale from local areas and short time periods to regional or global problems and geologic time.
  • Techniques and innovative instrumentation in the laboratory and field (for example, hydrologic, geochemical, geophysical, and mathematical).
  • Water-resource and related mineral-resource evaluations.
  • Reports of observed hydrogeologic phenomena.
  • Overviews of hydrogeologic systems of interest in various regions.
  • State-of-the-art reviews.
  • Philosophy of scientific methods in hydrogeology.
  • Interaction between populations and hydrogeologic systems.
  • Economics of hydrogeologic systems.
  • Ramifications of hydrogeology on both environmental protection and optimal employment of natural resources.
  • History of hydrogeology and biographies of eminent hydrogeologists.

Special issues and Topical collections

One issue of Hydrogeology Journal per year is usually a special issue, covering a specific subject; such themed issues are put together by Guest Editors who are regarded as experts in their field. Topical collections of articles are also published in the journal, within regular issues; topical manuscripts usually require a leading author. All special-issue and topical-collection manuscripts undergo peer review in the usual way. Authors wishing to propose a special issue or topical collection should first contact the Executive Editor, Clifford Voss.

Submission and open access arrangements

Using Springer’s Open Choice system, Hydrogeology Journal authors can choose whether to

  1. pay our publisher, Springer Nature, a publication fee so that all readers have full and permanent (i.e. open) access to the article, or
  2. publish the article by the usual no-fee route, in which case only journal subscribers and IAH members will have full access.

With either route, the article will be handled in exactly the same way in terms of processing, scientific review, presentation, publicity and author support.

Springer’s fee for open access is usually €2,690/US $3,390, but authors who are IAH members will pay a reduced fee of €1,345/US $1,695, provided they remain a member of IAH through the review period. Hydrogeology Journal authors wishing to become IAH members to benefit from this discount will be most welcome to join. Where there is more than one author, both the lead author and corresponding author must be IAH members to enjoy this substantial discount.

UPDATE JUNE 2023: Springer have offered this unique benefit to our members for several years. No other association has been offered this discount but Springer now feel that they need to bring us into line with others. We are continuing to hold discussions with Springer about plans for a replacement benefit and hope to be able to tell you more in the near future. In the meantime, authors who have submitted an eligible manuscript (first and corresponding authors are IAH members) can still expect to receive the discount if the manuscript is accepted for publication. There will be a cut-off date for such submissions, to be announced soon. We expect to have the new member benefits in place after this.

Editorial team

The Executive Editor of Hydrogeology Journal is Clifford Voss (, supported by a strong international editorial team.

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Notes from the ECHN/HJ session “Publishing in Hydrogeology Journal”
(Presentation made by Cliff Voss (HJ Executive Editor) to the Early Career Hydrogeologists’ Network during 2013 congress. Suitable for all new authors planning to submit an article to Hydrogeology Journal.)

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