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Out of Print IAH Books

We are hugely grateful to all those who, over the years, have contributed their time and enthusiasm for particular subjects, enabling the production of many IAH books. Those that are no longer available to buy from our publisher are listed below, free to download and share.

International Contributions to Hydrogeology (ICH)

International Contributions to Hydrogeology, often referred to as the ‘blue books’, include monographs on sub-disciplines of hydrogeology as well as outlets for major international investigatory programmes and collections of papers within a broad theme of international interest.

Current titles are available to buy from the CRC/Taylor and Francis Group website here:—International-Contributions-to-Hydrogeology/book-series/TFIAHICH (IAH members are entitled to 30% discount)

View/download earlier/out of print titles:

ICH1: Hydrogeology of Karstic Terrains, Case Histories
(1984) eds A. Burger and Louis Dubertret

ICH2: Hydrology of Limestone Terranes – Bibliography of Carbonate Rocks Vol. 3
(1986) eds J. Mark Tanner and P Shore Davies

ICH3: List of Terms of Hydrogeology, Geochemistry and Geothermals of Mineral and Thermal Waters
(1984) ed H.R. Langguth

ICH4: Hydrogeology of the Dinaric Karst
(1984) ed Borivoje F. Mijatovic

ICH5: Impact of Agricultural Activities on Groundwater
(1986) eds J. Vrba and E. Romijn

ICH6: Theoretical Background, Hydrogeology and Practice of Groundwater Protection Zones
(1985) eds G. Matthess G, Stephen Foster and Andrew Skinner

ICH7: Hydrogeological Mapping in Asia and the Pacific Region – Proceedings of the ESCAP-RMRDS Workshop, Bandung 1983
(1985) eds. W. Grimmelmann, K.D. Krampe K D and Wilhelm Struckmeier

ICH8: Groundwater Recharge, A Guide to Understanding and Estimating Natural Recharge
(1990) eds. David N. Lerner, Arie S. Issar and Ian Simmers

ICH9: Well Logging in Groundwater Development
(1989) ed H. Repsold

ICH10: Hydrology of Limestone Terranes; Annotated Bibliography of Carbonate Rocks, Volume Four
(1989) eds Esad Prohic, Josef Zoetl, J. Mark Tanner and Bernadette N. Roche

ICH11: Hydrogeology of Salt Water Intrusion; A Selection of SWIM Papers
(1991) ed W. de Breuck

ICH12: Hydrology and Management of Hazardous Waste by Deep Well Disposal
(1990) eds Philip E. LaMoreaux and Jaroslav Vrba

ICH13: Hydrogeology of Selected Karst Regions
(1990) eds William Back, Janet S. Herman and Henri Paloc

ICH14: Annotated Bibliography of Karst Terranes, Volume Five, with three review articles
(1993) eds Fakhry A. Assaad and Ann McCarley

ICH15: Hydrogeothermics
(1994) eds Jean-Jacques Risler J-J and Ian Simmers

ICH16: Guidebook on Mapping Groundwater Vulnerability
(1994) eds Jaroslav Vrba and Alexander Zaporozec

ICH17: Hydrogeological Maps, A Guide and a Standard Legend
(1995) eds Wilhelm F. Struckmeier and Jean Margat

Selected Papers (SP)

The Selected Papers are often referred to as the ‘green books’. These are collections of papers derived from Congress and other meetings which normally, but not always, were sponsored by IAH. They may also be a collection of papers derived from a programme of investigation that again need not necessarily have enjoyed direct IAH involvement.

Current titles are available to buy from the CRC/Taylor and Francis Group website here:—Selected-Papers-on-Hydrogeology/book-series/TFIAHSEPAHY (IAH members are entitled to 30% discount)

View/download earlier/out of print titles:

SP1: Selected Papers on Hydrogeology – from the 28th IGC, Washington DC 1989
(1990) eds Eugene S. Simpson and John M. Sharp

SP2: Hydrogeology of Hard Rocks, Selected Papers originating from the 24th IAH Congress, Oslo, 1993
– we would like to secure and scan copy of this – email if you can help

SP3: Selected Papers on Aquifer Overexploitation – from the 23rd IAH Congress, Tenerife, 1991
(1992) eds Ian Simmers, Fermin Villaroya and Luis F. Rebello

SP4: Selected Papers on Environmental Hydrogeology – from the 29th IGC, Kyoto 1992
(1993) ed Yasuo Sakura

Become an IAH Book Author

IAH is keen to develop new publications and invites you to submit proposals, either as a convenor of a scientific meeting, or as a person, or as a group keen to prepare a publication that will be of interest to the international groundwater community. Our series editor, Nick Robins, will be pleased to discuss and develop proposals with you, email him at