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Sponsorship Scheme – Nominations

Do you know someone who would benefit from IAH’s sponsorship scheme?

IAH welcomes nominations of persons meriting sponsorship to receive free and full member benefits of our Association. Normally such individuals would be those prevented from joining IAH owing to economic or practical reasons.

The nomination process

Nominations can be made via:

  • Direct application from any individual working in the field of hydrogeology, groundwater sciences, engineering, etc;
  • Requests from IAH internationally – its Council, National Chapters, Commissions, Networks, general membership;
  • Requests from other agencies, NGOs, etc;

To help assess eligibility it is our normal practice to ask for a copy of the potential candidate’s CV and some brief background information regarding his/her circumstances.  All information received will be treated with utmost confidentiality and sensitivity.

We currently have around 250 individuals benefitting from the sponsorship scheme.

Find out more

Information for sponsors (how the scheme works)