IAH Book Series


IAH has two book series which are produced under the imprint of CRC Press in the Netherlands, part of the Taylor and Francis Group. IAH books have the common purpose of spreading the science and knowledge of hydrogeology and are products arising from IAH’s congresses and meetings, its commissions and networks, as well as a variety of other sources. Information is gathered from highly respected sources and include case studies, regional descriptions, analyses of sub-disciplines and outputs from major international programmes.

Selected Papers

The first series is the Selected Papers, often referred to as the ‘green books’. These are collections of papers derived from Congress and other meetings which normally, but not always, were sponsored by IAH. They may also be a collection of papers derived from a programme of investigation that again need not necessarily have enjoyed direct IAH involvement.

International Contributions to Hydrogeology

The second series, International Contributions to Hydrogeology, the ‘blue books’, includes monographs on sub-disciplines of hydrogeology as well as outlets for major international investigatory programmes and collections of papers within a broad theme of international interest.

Become an IAH Book Author

IAH is keen to develop its two books series and invites you to submit proposals, either as a convenor of a scientific meeting, or as a person, or as a group keen to prepare a publication that will be of interest to the international groundwater community. Our series editor, Nick Robins, will be pleased to discuss and develop proposals with you, email him at books@iah.org.

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