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IAH produces and compiles a variety of video and other recordings, as featured below. We welcome comments and suggestions – email

Hydrogeologist Time Capsule

The Hydrogeologist Time Capsule is a collection of interviews of eminent hydrogeologists who have made a material difference to our profession. Interviews include: Jacob Bear; Gedeon Dagan; Yuan Daoxian; R. Allan Freeze; Jean Margat; Ghislain de Marsily; Shlomo Peter Neuman; Charles V. Theis; József Tóth; William B. White and Elizabeth L. White; Paul Witherspoon; and Warren W. Wood. The project is funded and supported by IAH and other sponsors.

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Congress keynote and other presentations

Over the years, a number of keynote and other presentation recordings have been made at IAH congresses, and at other events worldwide. It is our intention to compile these for viewing.

45th IAH congress, Daejeon, Korea

Currently being compiled, keep checking for updates…

Kang-Kun Lee, PhD – Exploring better and new utilizations of groundwater in Korea

Shemin Ge – Fluid Injection Induced Seismicity: a hydrogeologic perspective

David Boutt – Do you know where your catchment ends? The role of inter-basin groundwater flow and hydrogeologic transience in hydrologic processes

Todd Halihan – Electrical Hydrogeology, A Picture is Worth a Thousand Wells

Prof. Dr. Nico Goldscheider – Global challenges and local solutions in karst hydrogeology

39th IAH congress, Niagara Falls, Canada

Allan Freeze – Why Did the Chicken Cross the Street? Twelve Premises that define the Role of Technical Input into Decision-Making in the Real World

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