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IAH Logos

Use of IAH’s logo

Following the widespread take-up of our anniversary logo during 2016, we subsequently arranged for the IAH logo to be digitally updated for regular use thereafter.

We strongly encourage that the IAH logo with accompanying strapline text be used where at all possible. Using the logos with text will help IAH and its mission become better known, encourage the study and work of hydrogeologists and other professionals interested in the protection and safe supply of groundwater and will help raise the profile of groundwater more highly as a key natural resource. We have produced versions in full colour, blue, and in black and white.

“Shield only” options are also available below on the few occasions when space or formatting options are limited.

We welcome the use of the IAH log for non-profit events organised by our national chapters and commissions and networks. It may also be appropriate to use the logo for events arranged by other organisations where there is clear support by IAH, its chapters and specialist groups or members who are participating on behalf of IAH.

Questions or comments? Contact us at and we will be happy to provide guidance. EPS versions are also available on request.


Full colour logo; with text


Full colour logo; no text




Blue logo; with text

IAH blue logo with words





Black, white and negative logo; no text


Black, white and negative logo; with text