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IAH Logos

Use of IAH’s logo

Following the widespread take up of our anniversary logo during 2016, for most uses we have reverted to the original logo without the date band, albeit in an improved digital format.

For many purposes, when we use or are asked for our logo the simple shield suffices, especially where IAH is already well-known. However, when we offer or are requested use of the logo for new partners or collaborators and/or the logo is going to be displayed along with many others, then the full name of the association helps us to become better known. This was suggested by new President António Chambel, and versions with the full name are now available. We have also produced a high quality black and white version, in response to a requests for use on publicity and event material such as T-shirts, pens etc.

Full colour logo; no text




Full colour logo; with text

Black, white and negative logo; no text


Black, white and negative logo; with text


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(note: EPS versions are available on request)