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Sharing Sources – groundwater students and professionals

IAH’s mission, as a professional association, is to further the understanding, wise use and protection of groundwater resources throughout the world. This area includes links to a variety of courses, training and events.  It also provides leads and resources concerning the basic and relatively unchanging principles of hydrogeology right through to highly-specialist scientific investigations of topical and complex subjects. IAH’s aim is to encourage and harness such knowledge, to stimulate further research, and to help like-minded professionals network, learn and share.

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Watch and listen

IAH compiles and produces videos and other recordings. Learn more.

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Conferences and meetings

A global event listing, for conferences and meetings; IAH organises and participates in many. Perhaps we’ll see you there?

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Professional short courses

Interested in professional development, or organising a short course in a groundwater related topic? Includes online courses.

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Degree courses

We are compiling a directory of hydrogeology/groundwater related degree course providers; at all levels.

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As well as national chapters, IAH has a variety of topic and special interest groups, including one for early career professionals. Join in.

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IAH runs a mentoring scheme for its members, whereby knowledge and experience can be shared to those hoping for some support and encouragement.

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Sources of Experience

A selection of interviews in which IAH members share insights and memories from their hydrogeological/groundwater-related careers, professional networks and more.

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Technical Insight Series

A new technical series from IAH, aimed at groundwater and related professionals. The first, published in April 2023 describes the chemistry and detection of PFAS in groundwater samples, their current water quality limits, and potential treatment options for PFAS polluted water.

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Strategic Overview Series

Summarising key topics relating to groundwater resources and hydrogeological science for a more general audience, including policy and other decision makers. Read and share.

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Professionals/Students’ links and resources

A growing collection of material and links concerning hydrogeology, groundwater and associated topics.

Groundwater students and professionals – links and resources


Out of print IAH books

Thanks to the contributions of many, IAH has published a variety of books. Here you can view and download our out-of-print publications.

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