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Sponsorship Scheme

About the scheme

Many hydrogeologists and those working in groundwater-related fields would like to join IAH and would benefit from membership but are prevented by economic or practical reasons. For some, this might be because our membership fee is high in relation to their income; others encounter problems of access to convertible currency or payment facilities.

To help such individuals, and to work towards our mission and goals, IAH operates a sponsorship scheme.

How the scheme works

We are happy to receive nominations for candidates who would benefit from sponsored membership. We hold a central fund in the UK to enable such support and allocate a proportion of our fee income to this each year. We are also pleased to accept donations from our members which are set to good use through the scheme.

In addition a number of national chapters operate country-to-country schemes.

Members can also sponsor a named colleague in a developing country – this situation often happens when individuals meet on projects or from studying together.

Participate now

Over 250 hydrogeologists around the world are being sponsored and we’d like to increase this number. Help us meet our goal by donating and nominating now.

Find Out More…

Information for sponsors (how the scheme works)

Information for those wishing to nominate someone or apply for sponsorship