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Membership types, costs and discounts available

IAH offers a variety of membership options, costs and discounts. Everyone who is a member of IAH has the same, equal, voting rights.

Membership types

You can join IAH as:

  • A standard member, receiving printed copies of the Hydrogeology Journal and other IAH material throughout the year. Should you wish you can also opt to receive online alerts and messages, tailored to suit your requirements.
  • An online member, receiving a ten euro discount. Online members do not receive printed mailings from IAH, instead accessing all their membership benefits including the Hydrogeology Journal and other IAH material online. An increasing proportion of members are choosing this option, being quite satisfied with having online documentation.
  • A student – either standard or online – receiving a generous discount.
  • An associate student member – does not have access to the Hydrogeology Journals
  • A retired member, at a reduced rate. This option allows colleagues to continue to support IAH after they have retired from the profession, maintain contact with the “IAH family”, receiving IAH news and reports etc. Retired members do not receive the Journal by mail but do have on-line access to the full papers.
  • A life member, paying a lump sum (20 x the annual fee).
  • A corporate/organisation membership. Companies can support our work, nominate 3 employees for a free personal membership, nominate additional employees at a 25% discount and receive a range of additional benefits. Read more.

What does it cost?

  • Membership runs per calendar year (1 January – 31 December). Individuals joining during the year are sent any back-copies of publications they have missed.
  • Fees are paid as a single annual subscription; there is no joining fee.
  • The fee you pay is based upon your country of residence/operation (not nationality), in accordance with World Bank economic data. Find out more and check country fee band
High income Middle income Transitional Low income Intermediate
Member €88.00 €54.00 €46.00 €36.00 €68.00
Online Member €78.00 €44.00 €36.00 €26.00 €58.00
Student Member €30.00 €24.00 €22.00 €20.00 €26.00
Student Online Member €20.00 €16.00 €14.00 €12.00 €18.00
Retired Member €40.00 €27.00 €24.00 €22.00 €32.00
Associate Student Member - - - - -

Sponsor a person in a low income country: €41.00

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