Commissions and Networks

About our commissions and networks

The activities of IAH’s commissions and networks include contributing to the science of groundwater and undertaking outreach, education and training. They run sessions at IAH congresses, co-convene technical meetings and field excursions with other societies, host workshops and training courses and prepare educational and outreach publications. We welcome suggestions for new topics or activities – email ideas and comments to

You do not have to be an IAH member to participate. In fact we encourage wide involvement from the groundwater community, as this will help the groups to thrive and give greater authority to their work.

Use the listings below to find out more about IAH’s commissions and networks and to make contact with them.


Commission on Groundwater and Climate Change

Chairman: Dr Tibor Stigter (Netherlands) (

Commission on Groundwater and Energy

Chairman: Grant Ferguson (Canada) (>)
Co-Chair: Bridget Scanlon (USA) and Rob Ward (UK)

Commission on Groundwater Outreach

Chairman: Andrew Stone (USA) (

Commission on Karst Hydrogeology

Chairman: Zoran Stevanovic (Serbia) (

Commission on Managing Aquifer Recharge

Chairman: Peter Dillon (Australia) (
Co-Chair: Weiping Wang (China) and Enrique Fernandez Escalante (Spain) (

Commission on Mineral and Thermal Waters

Chairman: Dr Jim Lamoreaux (USA) (
Co-Chair: Dr Adam Porowski (Poland) (

Commission on Regional Groundwater Flow

Chairman: Judit Mádl-Szőnyi (Hungary) (
Co-Chair: Joel Carrillo (Mexico), Menggui Jin (China), Xiao-Wei Jiang (China), Brian Smerdon (Canada) and Okke Batelaan (Australia) ( (secretary))

Commission on Transboundary Aquifers

Chairman: Shammy Puri (
Co-Chair: Karen Villholth, Gabriel Eckstein and Geert-Jan Nijsten (;;


Burdon Groundwater Network for International Development

Chairman: Alan MacDonald (UK) (
Co-Chair: Viviana Re (

Early Career Hydogeologists’ Network

Chairman: Carlos Maldaner (Brazil/Canada) (
Co-Chair: Rui Hugman (

Network for Coastal Aquifer Dynamics and Coastal Zone Management (CAD-CZM)

Chairman: Dr Giuseppe Sappa, Italy (
Co-Chair: Yossi Yechieli, Israel (

Network on Fractured Rock Hydrogeology

Chairman: Uwe Troeger (

Network on Groundwater and Ecosystems

Chairman: Joseph Gurrieri, USA (
Co-Chair: Mike Wireman, USA (

Urban Groundwater Network

Chairman: Helen Bonsor (UK) (