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2nd Atlas Georesources International Congress – Tunisia

The 2nd Atlas Georesources International Congress took place in March 2019, organised by LGR, our Tunisian national chapter and the Tunisian Committee of Hydrogeology at the Association Eau et Développement.

The congress was held in Hammamet and focused on novel advances and case studies concerning Applied Geosciences for Groundwater. As sustainable management of groundwater resources should not rely on the hydrogeological knowledge only, the congress discussed multidisciplinary approaches where applied geosciences, combined with modelling tools, could bring new information and a significant knowledge to the groundwater system functioning, and also identify priority issues and adaptive measures for global change. IAH’s Regional Groundwater Flow Commission (RGFC) organised a special session that analysed issues connected to groundwater management and related environmental protection defining physical and chemical degradation in the context of groundwater flow system functioning.

With more than 100 participants from 15 countries, the congress successfully addressed current and future challenges in groundwater, with four keynote and more than 80 oral and poster presentations and four exhibitors.  Oral and poster presentations awards were attributed to Janja Vrzel (LMU, Germany) and to Yassin Kadri (LGR-CERTE, Tunisia) respectively. Each received books donated by IAH.

Congress abstracts are available to view on the website. See the links below for further details.

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