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Groundwater matters: science and practice

“Groundwater matters: science and practice” was the theme of the 38th Irish IAH groundwater conference held on the 24th and 25th of April 2018 in Tullamore, Rep. of Ireland.

Founded in 1976, the Irish group of the IAH looks back on a well-established network and activities. As a result, again the conference was well attended with more than 160 national and international attendees including 17 exhibitors.

It has become tradition for the Irish chapter to bridge national groundwater matters along with international up-to-date research topics. Accordingly, the invited keynotes were delivered by Dr. Geoff Parkin (Newcastle University, UK) and Dr. John McCray (Colorado School of Mines, USA).

A session was again dedicated to the Early Careers Hydrogeologists Network (ECHN); receiving exceptional good feedback as previously. Seven early careers presented their work in talks and posters.

For the first time the conference hosted a mini-field trip on day 2. The content was related to well rehabilitation, and attendees could witness recent state of the art methods to improve the local groundwater supply of Tullamore.

For more information related to the Irish IAH and its activities, visit the website. Further, all past conference proceedings since 1982 can be downloaded.

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