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Hydro’2018, Turkey

In September 2018 over 180 participants from universities, governmental organizations, private sector and non-governmental organizations assembled in Ankara to attend the symposium on “Hydrogeology and Water Resources-Hydro-2018”. The event was organised jointly by the Turkish National Chapter of IAH, The Turkish Association of Hydrogeologists and Water Resources Research and the International Research Center on Karst Water Resources (HU-UKAM) of Hacettepe University.

Participants viewed and discussed 43 papers presented in 10 sessions, which were: Characterization of Groundwater Systems, Hydrology, Calculations of Water Potential and Water Budget, Mathematical Modeling in Hydrogeology, Hydrogeochemical Methods, Hydrogeothermal Systems, Groundwater Pollution Karst Hydrogeology, Sustainable Water Managmenet, Hydropolitics and Transboundary Waters. In addition, there was a plenary session entitled “The Present State and Future Projections of Groundwater Management in Turkey“.
Participants also undertook a field excursion to a two-aquifer groundwater system with overlay of soda-ash deposits, managed by solution mining techniques.

For those interested, the symposium papers are published in the Proceedings Book “Hydrogeology and Water Resources” which is available on the website given below.

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