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USA chapter presents 2018 “International Service Award”

Dr Wendy Robertson of Central Michigan University was the worthy recipient of the US Chapter’s “International Service Award” for 2018. The Award recognises the efforts of hydrogeologists based in the United States who have shown an outstanding commitment to assisting the international community with groundwater-related needs.

Wendy received the Award in recognition of her tireless and selfless work over the past eight years with “Well Aware”, an international nonprofit organisation that provides drinking water systems in areas of water scarcity. Wendy’s work as lead hydrogeologist has been instrumental in successfully providing clean and sustainable water systems for 52 communities and over 220,000 people in east Africa. She has performed this work largely in her own time, while maintaining a full-time faculty position at Central Michigan University. As an Assistant Professor in the Department of Earth and Atmospheric Sciences at CMU, she further shares her passion for helping communities in desperate need of clean water by mentoring students involved with projects providing water to critical need areas.

The Award was presented to Wendy during the GSA Hydrogeological Division Luncheon and Award Ceremony during GSA’s annual meeting (GSA2018). We extend our congratulations to Wendy.

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