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Acque Sotterranee – Italian Journal of Groundwater

“Acque Sotterranee – Italian Journal of Groundwater” is calling for papers for the forthcoming Special Issue “Groundwater in the Cities of Europe”.

The aim of this special issue is to present a sample of the groundwater knowledge about the urbanised sectors across the European continent. Your contributions are welcome on the following topics or a combination of these:

  • General hydrogeological setting description of cities in form of reviews, both for one specific city, and for a series of cities from the same country
  • Urban groundwater-related projects regarding monitoring, knowledge, awareness increase of citizens
  • Urban groundwater-related issues as groundwater flooding, groundwater pollution, groundwater remediation, groundwater-withdrawal-related subsidence
  • Urban groundwater supply
  • Urban groundwater modeling
  • Urban groundwater sustainable uses, as SuDS/MAR projects, shallow geothermal uses
  • Urban groundwater dependent ecosystems
  • Urban groundwater and city resilience
  • Disaster risk reduction and nature-based solutions related to urban groundwater issues

Acque Sotterranee – Italian Journal of Groundwater has the patronage of the National Association of Hydrogeology and Water Wells (ANIPA), of the Italian Chapter of the International Association of Hydrogeologists (IAH-Italy) and of the Geological Survey of Italy (ISPRA).

  • Editor-in-Chief Responsible for the SI: Francesco La Vigna (ISPRA – UGEG chair)
  • Guest editors: Klaus Hinsby (GEUS), Ozren Larva (HGI-CGS), Sophie O’Connor (GSI), Peter van der Keur (GEUS)
  • Communication of submission intention, provisional title, possible authors: using this google form
  • Deadline for first submission: End of March 2024
  • Publication of the SI: End of September 2024

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