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IAH Council Elections 2024 – Call for Nominations

The next elections for IAH’s Advisory Council take place this year. All members who have paid their IAH membership fees can stand for election and are entitled to vote. Nominations for those who wish to stand for Council are requested from 1 January 2024.

Members are responsible for IAH’s policies and strategic direction, ensuring that these serve the Association’s
charitable objectives, “to advance public education and promote research in the study and knowledge
of hydrogeological science“. They have a vital role in developing IAH’s policies and plans, and in overseeing
their implementation on behalf of all our members. Members represent the IAH to external organisations
across the world, particularly the ‘UN family’. Regional Vice Presidents provide oversight for and support to our
chapters and members in their regions.

Members of the Executive Committee have additional responsibilities. The Executive Committee consists of the
President, the Secretary General, the Vice President for Finance and Membership (the “Treasurer”), and the Vice
President for Science. They have the legal responsibilities of trustees and directors of IAH as registered charity and company.

There are twelve positions for which nominations are sought:

  • Members of the Executive Committee
    • President, who represents IAH with other organisations and chairs the Board of Directors of the Charity, the Executive Committee and the General Assembly;
    • Secretary General, who has responsibilities particularly for external relationships and also for various internal groups;
    • Vice President, Finance & Membership, responsible for finances (income stream,
      planned budget and actual expenditure) and developing membership;
    • Vice President, Programme and Science Coordination, with responsibilities for commissions, networks and promotion of science, internally and externally;
  • Regional Vice Presidents, who provide stewardship of IAH interests and co-ordination of national chapters in a particular region:
    • Asia
    • Australasia and the Pacific
    • Eastern Europe and Central Asia
    • Europe (West and Central)
    • Latin America and the Caribbean
    • Middle East and North Africa
    • North America
    • Sub Saharan Africa


Nominations should be sent to IAH Secretary General Jane Dottridge by 31 March 2024 ( with a copy to the IAH Secretariat ( Your nomination should contain a brief curriculum vitae of the candidate and a letter from the candidate confirming her or his willingness to stand for election. Candidates will be required to formally acknowledge the guidelines of conduct before being accepted on to the voting list.

Further details for candidates are available at or from the Secretariat ( Information about the current Advisory Council members, their biographies and personal statements can be found at

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