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Tribute event to Professor Emilio Custodio

On March 7th 2024, the Spanish Chapter of the IAH and the University Polytechnic of Cataluña, among many other institutions, joined forces to pay homage to the esteemed Professor Emilio Custodio, a luminary in the field of hydrogeology and a beloved mentor to many. The event was hold at the UPC headquarters in Barcelona, Spain. It congregated old students, university members, industry professionals, his family, and IAH members to remember the legacy of Professor Custodio.

The event commenced with retrospective speeches showcasing his groundbreaking research, pivotal contributions to the advancement of hydrogeology, and his unwavering commitment to nurturing the next generation of hydrogeologists.

After lunch there were heartfelt speeches from colleagues and former students, reminiscing about Professor Custodio’s profound impact on their careers and on the different Institutions where he was working. In the following link there is a video of the whole event:






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