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Hydrogeology Journal special issue: Hydrogeology of Arid Environments

In most arid and semi-arid regions, freshwater supply has always been highly dependent on the exploitation of groundwater resources. Since the replenishment of aquifers is limited due to climatic conditions, sustainable use of groundwater is challenging. This situation necessitates a sound knowledge of the specific hydrogeological setting and processes. Nevertheless, in view of this need and the large number of inhabitants in arid regions, scientific studies in these regions are still underrepresented. In response, Hydrogeology Journal presents the special issue “Hydrogeology of Arid Environments”, which contains 21 papers, reports and essays grouped into (i) literature surveys, (ii) hydrochemical and isotope studies, (iii) ground-based temporal monitoring studies, and (iv) studies dealing with storage change in aquifer systems. Some of the articles are open access; those that are not open access will be freely accessible until 22 March 2024.

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