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Hydrogeology Journal special issue: Geostatistics and Hydrogeology

During the last 60 years, geostatistics has been increasingly used in hydrogeology to understand aquifers, model them more accurately and quantify uncertainty. A Hydrogeology Journal special issue (Sept 2023) provides an overview of typical applications of geostatistical methods used in hydrogeology, but it also highlights some novel ideas and developments in relation to machine learning techniques. The ‘Geostatistics and Hydrogeology’ issue contains 18 papers grouped into five main parts: 1) interpolation of groundwater levels, 2) interpolation of groundwater quality, 3) modeling aquifer structure and heterogeneity, 4) impact of aquifer heterogeneity on hydrogeological processes, and 5) inverse and data assimilation methods to identify aquifer parameters. All the articles will be freely accessible until 13 December 2023 and can be found at

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