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World Water Day 2024: Groundwater for Peace

Groundwater for Peace

A message from the President of the International Association of Hydrogeologists in commemoration of World Water Day 2024.

If the earth has a secret, underground pulse, that pulse is groundwater. It is this heartbeat that half of humanity relies upon and is the sole source of water for almost a third of the world’s population. Groundwater is the circulatory system under our agricultural fields and the lifeblood of many industries. Its veins and arteries reach cities, and perhaps of equal importance, isolated rural communities with no other source of water. Groundwater seeps from the banks of rivers and lakes feeding approximately half of our surface water resources. Its capillaries, and capillary fringes, not only connect with rivers and lakes, but also issue forth into springs and wetlands. In doing so groundwater supports ecosystems around the world.

Truly, groundwater is earth’s last lifeline in the face of the onslaught of climate change and population growth. This invisible resource is essential to the survival of our planet and to the millions who desperately thirst for peace.

With nearly 500 transboundary aquifers and aquifer systems identified, but few international agreements for collaborative groundwater use, there is much work to be done. Groundwater professionals can help ensure a conflict-free and harmonious future. By informing and facilitating cooperative interaction on this hidden, subterranean pulse of the planet, we can move the world forward toward peace.

“Truly, groundwater is earth’s last lifeline in the face of the onslaught of climate change and population growth. This invisible resource is essential to the survival of our planet and to the millions who desperately thirst for peace.”

– David K. Kreamer




About World Water Day

Every year, World Water Day (22 March) raises awareness and inspires action to tackle the water and sanitation crisis. It is a United Nations observance, coordinated by UN-Water and led by one or more UN-Water Members and Partners with a related mandate. In 2024, the theme of World Water Day is ‘Leveraging water for peace’.

IAH are proud to be a member of the World Water Day 2024 Task Force, and to participate in the global public campaign to engage people in conversation and debate, raise awareness and inform decision-making across the world.

Read about some of IAH’s World Water Day activities below

For more information on World Water Day 2024, to access resources and to find out how you can get involved, visit:

World Water Day Events and Activities

Events are taking place all around the world to mark World Water Day 2024. Here are a selection listed through IAH.

Hidrogeodía 2024
: The Hydrogeoday is a day of awareness raising of hydrogeology, held on a weekend close to World Water Day, and promoted by the Spanish Group of IAH (AIH-GE). The initiative consists of free activities, guided by hydrogeologists, and is open to the general public, regardless of their knowledge in the field. [Read more]

Hydrogeoday Fact Sheet: Download the IAH and AIH-GE fact sheet with advice for organising your own events that promote and raise awareness of hydrogeology. [Read more]

22 March 2024: World Water Day event in Madrid, Spain: The Spanish Chapter of the IAH (AIH-GE) is set to mark World Water Day with a poignant event hosted at the School of Mines (University Polytechnic of Madrid). Against the backdrop of a profound drought gripping the country, the AIH-GE aims to shed light on the pressing issues surrounding water scarcity through a series of insightful conferences. [Read more]

22 March 2024: WATER IN SEMI ARID ENVIRONMENTS “OUR WATER, OUR PEACE”: This Hydrogeoday event takes place in Palapye, Botswana. Keynote speakers for the event will include village leaders or stakeholders, a representative from the Department of Water and Sanitation, Water Utilities Corporation and Botswana Climate Change Network. [Read more]

22 March 2024: Water for Peace: official celebration of World Water Day 2024: UNESCO in partnership with UNECE, and on behalf of UN-Water, are commemorating World Water Day and will showcase water’s pivotal role in fostering peace, prosperity, and conflict prevention. The event takes place at UNESCO Headquarters in Paris, and also via a live online webcast. [Read more]

25 March 2024: AIDA World Water Day Webinar – The Role of Water Law for Fostering Water for Peace: The International Association for Water Law (AIDA) is hosting a webinar on World Water Day 2024. The objective of the webinar is to contribute to the campaign Water for Peace by addressing how water law, at the domestic and international levels, has been and can continue to be used to facilitate water as a means for achieving peace, and can contribute to good water cooperation and governance. [Read more]

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