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Natalia Vinograd

Vice President - Eastern Europe and Central Asia, Russia


Natalia Vinograd is an Associate Professor of Hydrogeology in the Institute of Earth Science, St Petersburg University. She graduated from the Department of Hydrogeology of St Petersburg University in 1992. After working in the All-Russian Research Institute of Petroleum Geology (1992-1993) she returned to the University as a post-graduate. In 1997 she gained experience in Ireland as a hydrogeologist with ESB International. Her PhD (2000) studied mineral, medicinal and industrially valuable water in the northern part of the Russian Platform. Natalia has been an IAH member since 1997 and joined the Commission on Mineral and Thermal Waters (CMTW) in 2001. She has also been a member of the Russian Union of Hydrogeologists since 2012.

Dr Vinograd’s scientific interests cover mineral waters, groundwater quality, water supply and the hydrogeology of the St Petersburg and other regions. She lectures in general hydrogeology, mineral waters, hydrogeological mapping, mathematical methods in hydrogeology, and petroleum hydrogeology and conducts student field training in hydrogeology. Over 30 scientific papers have been published in national and international journals and books. Natalia has participated in many international conferences, seminars and workshops, including the IAH Congress in Nottingham (1997), many sessions of the CMTW (from 1999) and a NATO workshop in Lithuania (1997) as a keynote speaker. She was a main organizer of the CMTW meeting in St Petersburg (2001) and the international Symposium “Future of Hydrogeology” (St Petersburg, 2007). Dr Vinograd has carried out projects with hydrogeologists of many countries (Poland, Ireland, Finland, USA) and was awarded the certificate for the course “Sustainable development and environmental management” of the University of California at Berkeley (2005). Natalia speaks Russian (native language), fluent English, and good German.

Personal statement

If I am elected, I will do my best to promote the mission, goals and activities of IAH among my colleagues in Eastern Europe to attract more IAH members from my region. Eastern Europe is rich in groundwater resources but problems of groundwater quality and quantity are important for many areas of the region. This requires modern assessment of water quality and resources. As a regional IAH Vice-President, I can facilitate the development of international relationships and improvement of communications between hydrogeologists in the region to increase their awareness about regional hydrogeology and modern approaches to the solution of water supply problems.

Another important task will be to encourage scientists in Eastern Europe to publish their scientific papers on regional investigations in Hydrogeology Journal and in IAH books to inform other IAH members about the hydrogeological issues in Eastern Europe, and to promote scientific meetings amongst IAH members within the region. It is essential to promote the activities of IAH Commissions to attract more members from Eastern Europe.

One of the main priorities of the regional Vice-Presidents and IAH as a whole is to involve young hydrogeologists in the scientific community. So I plan to focus on the involvement of students and early career hydrogeologists in IAH’s scientific activities at national and international levels. As a university lecturer, I have good opportunities for doing this. Another important issue is the dissemination of hydrogeological knowledge across the world to increase awareness about groundwater quality and protection.  I welcome the opportunity to be able to participate in such activities through the IAH Council.